Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Silly Kids!!

Just let me watch your kids!!LOL I will let them play with swords, machine guns, and let them punch eachother!! Oh, and, we will have lots of fun!!

Christmas Eve Day.....

Presents under the tree, Christmas music playing, coffee with eggnog, friends, family, and togetherness, that is what we did this Christmas!! The kids also sang Jesus Happy Birthday Christmas morning after Santa visited. We had a wonderful Christmas!!
Christmas Eve the kids were soooo excited!!
My cameras date is off a day. My camera has been doing wierd things lately, lets hope it isn't going to just quit working.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

All dressed up and yes, we had somewhere to go!!!

Not very often do Mike and I get dressed up and go out but it seems like now that I am coaching at Farrell's we at least go out every 10 weeks for our graduation party. The dress I am wearing has a story, a funny story. Here it goes....I was in Chicago shopping with my brother's wife, Katie, and we ended up buying the same dress. Long story short, I ended up with her size 6 and she ended up with mine. She took mine back and I decided to try the one I had on and thought I ate tooooo much for Thanksgiving dinner!! Thank goodness I checked the size because I really didn't eat tooooo much and was happy to find out hers fit!!! So, I had to wear the dress, a little tight, but it looked cute!!!

Santa Claus......

Since Clay has been little, very little, he has loved this Santa Grandma Betty puts under her tree. There is a button on the Santa you can push and it tells you the story, Twas The Night Before Christmas!! Sooooo Cute!!! A memory I will always hold in my heart!

Christmas, a little early, at Grandma and Grandpa Byers...

We had Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Byers today. The kids had a blast!! They started asking me the minute they woke up this morning, "When are we going up to Grandma and Grandpa's house!" Finally at about 1:00 we made it up there and spent the afternoon with them. We opened up gifts, had a wonderful lunch, and then played. Now, we are home and put the doll house up and got the batteries charged for the tractor. We haven't seen Kaya since the house went up and Clay loves his tractor!! I hope the weather stays good so they can make it to St. Louis to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with Mike's sister, Jen, and her family!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trying to stay warm....

Kaya had just gotten out of bed and came out on the couch to cuddle up with a blanket and my standard poodle, Lexi, jumped up to lay with her. I thought this was a cute picture!! Lexi is wearing her Christmas sweater!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Iowa Blizzard 2009!! What were you doing??

The drifts were so high they were taller than the tire on the tractor. They went from the back of our house all the way to the barns! Thank goodness the horses were snug as a bug in the barn!! The picture on the right is the fence behind our house. That is where the drifts started! It took Mike most of the day to dig us out and still the schools are canceled again tomorrow! Getting 15inches of snow really slowed Iowa down!! Just think, it is only December! What will January and Febuary bring??!! I hope not much!! The kids and I stayed toasty warm by the corn burner and played games. Clay did go out with Mike in the heated tractor some of the day and loved every minute of it!! He thinks it should snow everyday so he can ride in the tractor!! As I sit here in my warm home I wish everyone safe travels throughout the winter season! Until next time, LeAnna