Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our hotel, Pop Century

Everest at the Animal Kingdom!!

A photographer grabbed my camera and took these pictures of the girls and I at Animal Kingdom while the guys and Grandma Betty and Jen were riding on Everest, the ride behind us. Animal Kingdom was so beautiful!!! I can't believe
Clayton loved riding on Everest and kept wanting to ride more!!

Donald, Goofy, and Piglet, Oh My!!! (and many more)

I wasn't with Clay and Mike much because they were off living it up in Disney riding all the crazy and scary rides Kaya couldn't ride but I did get to take some pictures with him and the characters we saw. He loved seeing all of his Disney favorites!!

Kaya and Katie having the time of their life!

Kaya and Katie had a great time spending the day with their favorite Princesses. It was "Magic" as Kaya said when she walked into the Magic Kingdom. I also thought it was "Magical"! We were living in our very own Princess wonderland. She looked like a Princess, ate like a Princess, and acted like a Princess, in true Princess spirit!! I will have to say the Fairy Dust is still in her hair and will probably be there for a long time. This memory will last a life time!!!

Bippity Boppity Boutique and Princess fun

Kaya and Katie got to get pampered and then went to eat with the Princesses!! Before During After
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My brother and his wife's twin boys, Nathan and Adam!!

Nathan on the left and Adam on the right. They were about 20 months old in these pictures. It is so Awesome to be the Aunt of twins!! Never a dull moment around the Hauf house when these two are up.

After I print these pages out I am going to put star brads between Nathan and Super Stars and Adam. I wish I had digi-scrapped when CLayton and Kaya were little because they have such cute kits for little kids on the computer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clayton's Santa letter!

I scanned Clayton's letter to Santa in the computer. Click on it to read it.

Christmas Eve at Mike and LeAnna's

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Clay and Rodeo!!!

This is a page I did of Clayton and our old dog Rodeo. I am going to do another page to go with this one but didn't have the time tonight to finish it. We will cherish these pages forever because rodeo is getting old. He is 11years old this year and we know our time with him is limited. I am pretty sure he has almost used all of his 9 lives up! Rodeo was our first child!! He is still very good with the kids and as you can tell by the pictures he loves his kid!!! Rodeo has been here for every step of Clayton's life and I am so glad I grabbed the camera when I did! Clay had just fallen asleep and Rodeo went over and layed down right beside him and then decided Clay needed some puppy kisses before bed!

The last of Kaya's Birthday pages!!

I am now done with all of Kaya's 4th Birthday pages. I had a lot of fun doing these pages at a local coffee shop with my friend and fellow digi-scrapper, Denise. We drank LOTS of coffee and downloaded other templates and kits. It was so awesome to have hot coffee and a full menu whenever we wanted it. I can't wait to go back!!!