Monday, July 27, 2009

1st of many scrapbook pages of our trail riding fun, to be continued...

This is a digi-scrap page I did of Mike and the kids trail riding. I am still not done but decided to post it because I finally sat still long enough to do it. During the summer I usually don't find the time to scrap, we are always on the go. This summer we have discovered a new hobby, camping/trail riding as a family. We all enjoy it so much. Clayton and Kaya each have a horse/mule that we trust them on and they love riding on the trails at Elk Rock. We hope to venture out at some other places around Iowa, but right now we feel comfortable close to home. This is the first of many pages that I will do of the kids at Elk Rock. Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family fun camping/trail riding......

Mike and I took the kids to Elk Rock and enjoyed a weekend of trail riding and camping. It was Kaya's first trail ride on her new Mule. She had an Awesome time and was smiles from ear to ear. The mule did wonderful on the trails. Mike and I are very pleased, the mule did better than all the horses we took. Clay, of course, had a great time with Andre. Both kids can't wait to go back. We rode 5 hours Saturday and then 2 hours Sunday morning after breakfast. Most of all, they loved sleeping in the new horse trailer!! Giggles, Giggles, and more Giggles when it was time for bed!! They both had blow up beds with sleeping bags attached. Smores and camp fire stories was also a big hit!! We can't wait to go camping again!!

I-Cubs game fun...

Mike and I took the kids to an I-Cubs baseball game last Thursday night. CLayton had so much fun and Kaya hated every minute of it. We sat right behind home plate, which was Awesome!! Clay was so excited because a guy four rows behind us caught a t-shirt and gave it to him. He is wearing it in the pic below. Clay can't wait to go back!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trail Riding with Great Friends!!

We went trail riding with some friends, Brent and Denise Fick and their daughters Alyssa and Keira. It was our first trail ride and the weather was outstanding. Clayton had a fabulous time riding for almost 3 hours on his horse Andre. Mike rode Fred and I walked Kaya on her pony KayCee. After we got back to camp Brent grilled up some lunch. Then the kids went and played on the play equipment there. We can't wait to go back!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yes, It is a Mule!!

We have been looking for a long time for a horse for Kaya, you know the kind of horse you can put a 4 year old on and know she will be safe. We finally found a 20 year old Mule for her named Blue. So far he seems very gentle. And yes, Mike and I never thought we would have a Mule at the house!!! He is actually very cute!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zoo Jully 2009!!!

CLayton, Kaya, Grandma Hauf and I all went on a trip to the zoo yesterday. The kids loved riding the camel, even though they ride horses all the time. They also enjoyed feeding the Giraffes!! Otherwise, not much changes from year to year but we really enjoyed going.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reiman Garden Field Trip

The kids and I went to Reiman Gardens in Ames today. It was so beautiful!! The Butterfly garden was huge and the kids loved going on a Dinosaur hunt. All the flowers are in full bloom!! What a nice relaxing day!!