Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mike's roping!

Mike spent the winter roping every Tuesday and Thursday at the SSR in Bondurant and loved every minute of it!

Country Bikes!!

We got these 4-wheel bikes with big rubber wheels to use out here on the gravel roads! They work great for the kids and they aren't falling off of them getting hurt!

Easter at Living History Farms!

Steve, Katie, and their family came back for Easter so we went to Living History Farms and had a GREAT time! Here is just one pic of all of us together! Grandma Betty took the pic for us.


How many pictures does it take to get all kids looking at the camera and smiling???? Apparently more than we had time for.... laugh out loud!!!

Lincoln, our little bucket calf!!

Responsibility for the kids!!! Yes, every morning and night the kids have to bottle feed Lincoln! He has been a great addition to our animal family. The kids love to turn him out in the indoor arena and play with him! Who needed another calf to keep him company when you have two kids that love to play with him! They play for hours and hours!! Lincoln is a great little guy!!

Dance Fever 2011!!!

Kaya has spent the last 3 years in dance and loves it soooo much!! She is in ballet, tap, and (her favorite) hip hop!!! This year she is going to summer dance camp and then dancing at the Iowa State Fair!! She can't wait and loves to perform!!!

Colfax fun show!!

The kids had such a GREAT time!!! Barrel racing, Pole bending, Flag race, and the Candy Bar race was the excitement for the day!!! We are so proud of how well they are both riding this year!! We are also very lucky to have Rocket, the horse Mike is riding, added to our horse family this year! Willie, my barrel horse, (not pictured) has also had a fantastic year of barrel racing!! He won $140 this weekend of the Colfax show!! Going to give a barrel bash in Cedar Rapids a try this weekend and see how well we do (per Mike's Mike never suggests to go to a barrel race!!) Here is just a few pics of the kids enjoying what they love to do most! They rode about 10 hours this weekend and begged for us to let them ride more! I see lots of riding in their future! Happy Trails to ALL!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Snow Day...

January 11th was Kaya's first cancelled day from school because of the snow which meant both kids were home to do school with me!! Lilly, the cat, was a little distracting for the kids! I had to take a pic because it was so cute! Needless to say, the cat had to go to her room so the kids could get their work done. We were lazy and spent the day in our pajamas while working on our projects! The one good thing about getting snowed one will stop by.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We cancelled our home phone so if you need us please call our cell phones. LeAnna....515-681-6151 Mike....515-681-5721

Monday, January 3, 2011

Science Center with our GREAT friends....

Kaya looking at a 'cute little turtle'!
Clay and Kaya posing for a pic!
Mike and Clay making a rocket. Once they got it finished they took it over and got to shoot it down the rocket alley.
The gang...Clayton, Alyssa, Kiera, and Kaya!! Cute pic of all of them and those are hard to come by. We spent our Sunday at the Science Center with The Fick Family! We started out watching Polar Express at the IMax theater and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing and exploring. The kids had a blast and they got to run off some of their winter energy. It was nice to go somewhere indoors during these cold winter months. We always love our days when we get to spend it with Brent, Denise, and the girls.

Happy Birthday Clay!!!

Dan, Diane, and Derek!
Clay and Cary Veach.
Grandma and Grandpa Byers with Clay.
This pic makes me laugh! Clay and Kiera crack me up!!
Heather Dove and Maddox.
Birthday Boy!!
Denise and Alyssa.
Grandma and Grandpa Hauf with Clay.
Kaya and Grandma.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clayton's 11th Birthday!!

Tuesday was Clay's Birthday so he got to decide what we did. We spent the day going to movies at the movie theater in Pleasanthill. The first movie we went to was Yogi Bear and then the second movie we went to was Tangled! Both were adorable movies!!! It was just me, Clayton, and Kaya and we had a GREAT day! After that he wanted to go to Grandma Diane's and he then chose to go out to eat at Villiage Inn in Altoona with Grandma and Grandpa and me and Kaya!! He also wanted me to Thank everyone that called and wished him a Happy Birthday over the phone!!! It made his day with each call!! Thank you!! This Saturday we will have Clay's party at his favorite place to eat....Bandanas in Ankeny!! He can't wait to celebrate with all of his family and friends!! Lets just hope the weather holds and his party doesn't get snowed or iced out! It seems every year it gets canceled! I can't beleive I am a mom to an 11 year old!!! Pictures to come soon of his Party!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beautiful Iowa Weather!!!

I am not a real big fan of the cold and snow but this is what we woke up to this morning!! Just gorgeous!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa likes milk and cookies....but what about Rudolf!!

Kaya and Nathan really enjoyed making baggies with oats and hay for Rudolf!! I loved getting to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with my brother and his family!! They are AWESOME and I am really blessed to have such a great brother!!

Yes, it has been snowing in Iowa....ick!!!

Not as much snow as last winter but enough for me!! Kaya can't do much with her broken arm but Clay sure enjoys moving snow around with the tractor!!

Kaya's cast....

Before getting the cast......
After getting the cast!! Hot pink with lots of fairy dust!! I haven't put pics on the blog for awhile. kaya broke her ulna and radial neck after she fell/jumped off a chair!! YIKES to say the least!! She just recently got her cast off and in about a week will be able to take her splint off!! I don't think she will be playing on the back of a chair ever again!!!lol