Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colfax fun show!!

The kids had such a GREAT time!!! Barrel racing, Pole bending, Flag race, and the Candy Bar race was the excitement for the day!!! We are so proud of how well they are both riding this year!! We are also very lucky to have Rocket, the horse Mike is riding, added to our horse family this year! Willie, my barrel horse, (not pictured) has also had a fantastic year of barrel racing!! He won $140 this weekend of the Colfax show!! Going to give a barrel bash in Cedar Rapids a try this weekend and see how well we do (per Mike's Mike never suggests to go to a barrel race!!) Here is just a few pics of the kids enjoying what they love to do most! They rode about 10 hours this weekend and begged for us to let them ride more! I see lots of riding in their future! Happy Trails to ALL!!

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